7 Tips for Healthy College Bound Students

7 Tips for Healthy College Bound Students

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7 Tips for Healthy College Bound Students

7 Tips for Healthy College Bound Students

How to Send Love and Keep Your College Student Healthy

This year my son is going out of state to college and like any mother, I want him to be healthy and feel loved. Being a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, I have access to so many products to make him feel comfortable and healthy inhis new home. I did a series on “Tips for Healthy College Bound Students” on my Facebook Page, Debi’s Treasure’s,

I touched on just a few topics, seven in all. Believe me I could go on and on. It came to me as I was shopping for his college experience and with pandemic issues I had other ideas as well. I wanted him to have a healthy space, be healthy, be less stressed, be able to focused, be happy, thrive and have comfort from home. Through his Freshman year, I will probably send more care packages so he will feel loved.

Tip #1 for Healthy College Bound Students – Non-Toxic bathroom products from Nature Direct

Upon arrival, you may have to clean a shared bathroom. With Covid this may not be the case, but your student will need cleaning products on hand. In my video I only described a few and you are welcome to check out all of Nature Direct products. Unlike traditional home cleaners, these products are natural and completely non-toxic. Have you ever wondered about traditional cleaning products. For me they smelly because they are chemicals. Nature Direct non-toxic products reduce you and your student exposure to toxic chemicals.

Nature Direct products are natural and don’t have a chemical smell. They use blend of essential oils break up the dirt so you can wipe it away. Depending on the dirt, you made want to use Tough Guy to gentle scrub the area. They come as concentrates. Each concentrate bottle will fill five, 16 ounce sprayer bottles, The sprayer bottles are sold separately. All of these bottle saves impact on our environment and shipping costs

These products are useful in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. To freshen up a stinky bathroom, Enviromist is great natural disinfectant for surfaces and freshen the air. Use it to clean the toilet and countertops. There is small bottle sprayer bottle that is handy to freshen air around the toilet as needed. Traditional air freshers are toxic. They are usual have synesthetic chemicals. For bathroom and kitchen surfaces use Spray and Wipe too. For tough jobs, for the the tub and kitchen you would use Super Strength Cleaner. Finally for glass and mirrors, there is Glass Cleaner and Polisher. These products not only to reduce the toxic load, but are great for people who are sensitive or have allergies to chemicals.

For easy use, they have reusable cleaning cloths like the Tough Guy Cloth to scrub up tough problem areas like the shower, bathtub and kitchen. It has two sides, one for wiping and the other for scrubbing. An All Purpose Cloth that is microfiber cloth that is perfect for dishes and wiping surfaces in the bathroom and the kitchen. It does dry quickly. Another microfiber Dusting Cloth for dusting. Finally microfiber Glass Polishing Cloth for glass and mirrors. These clothes are machine washable. Make sure you label them with their your student’s name so they don’t lose them.

Here is the video for Tip# 1 that only describes a few products.

Tip #2 for Healthy College Bound Students – Healthy Room

The air we breathe is full of scents, dust particles, pollen, mold spores, and who knows what else. Wouldn’t be great to have something to help eliminate odors, reduces air borne allergen and freshen the air? That is what the Revitalizer does. My son has allergies and we use the Revitalizer with Enviroair Hypoallergenic Formula at home. He is able to breath better after the process.

As I say in the video, you add the concentrate to the water that you put in the bowl part of the Revitalizer. Turn it on for an hour and half and leave the room. It sends out particles that trap these pollutants. These pollutants it fall back in the device or the floor. You simply sweep up the rest and throw out the water.

Here is my Facebook video for Tip# 2.

Tip #3 for Healthy College Bound Students – Handy Essential Oils

Essential Oils are handy to have on hand. In my my video I talk about Essential Oils. Tea Tree Essential oil is great to have on hand, but it is important that your student pays attention to the Essential Oil information and Safety Card. What is great about Youngevity’s Essential Oils is that they all come with an Information and Safety Card. Tea Tree has so many uses. It is highly effective for sore throats. Take a tooth pick amount of this oil and lick it that is all you need. It helps with infections and with skin conditions that have puss. Add one drop top a Q-tip. Apply this Q-tip to the problem area avoiding open wounds. Never put essential oils near your eyes. Don’t use large doses that is more than one drop.

Youngevity’s Essential Oil Roller Bottles have essential oils diluted with a carrier oil. They are safer to use and convenient to apply to the the skin. It is best to apply to the bottom of your feet. Start from the top of the big toe, to big toe’s neck and along the same side of the big toe to the heel. Again don’t apply essential oils near your eye or put on your finger and rub your eyes. These Essential Oil Roller Bottles come with Safety and Information Cards too. Here is a good list to send with them. Lavender is great for an accidental minor burns and helps your student relax. Good Night eases your student to sleep. Physical Care and Marjoram are great for muscle aches and pains.

**Make sure you and your student reads the safety information before using any Essential Oil. You can find this card information online too.

Here is my Facebook Video for Tip #3.

Tip #4 for Healthy College Bound Students -Healthy Hydration that Tastes Good

People simply don’t drink enough water. I wrote a blog article on the importance of hydration. You need to drink half you body weight to help clean out toxins out of you body and so many other reasons. High school and college students are not the best of keeping hydrated. My son is going to Arizona so I keep telling his how important it is. He prefers flavored water to drink, otherwise he won’t drink it. Luckily I have so many healthy hydration options for him.

Rebound Fx is our favorite and thank goodness for that. What a lot people don’t realize is that you sweat out all your when exercise by sweating. Rebound Fx has over 100 nutrients to replenish what you sweat out. It comes in canisters, stick packs and cans.

Pollen Burst is another favorite. It comes in three flavors, orange, grape and berry. My son loves the berry one and the Pollen Burst Chews. All of these products have vitamins, antioxidants and SOD which is Superoxide dismutase. SOD helps your body combat oxidative stress. It has more benefits that you can check on the link provided.

Hydrations Sticks have so many different flavors with different purposes. CoreAO is our favorite. It has a berry flavor and rich in antioxidants as well. The other sticks help with digestive issues, focus, and sports replenishment too.

Because these products mostly come in a handy stick paks, you can take them on the go. You will drink more water and feel better by using them A definite must in hot environments where you will be sweating and after any aerobic activity such as walking, hiking and running. In my son’s case Marching Band!

Here is Facebook Video for Tip #4

Tip #5 for Healthy College Bound Students – Stay Focused & Sharp While Studying and Taking Tests

Studying for test and finals can be stressful. Renu IQ is a great Brain Performance Product. When my son drinks this product, he helps him through studying and taking his tests. It eases him to focus for his test or finals. He loves the berry-grape flavor and it a great replacement for coffee.

I use it as well. My life can be stressful. When you are stress, you go through your reserve of nutrients. This product is a great pick me and and I stay on track too. It has Vitamin B complex that is great for the brain and a Proprietary Blend of Bacopa monnieri leaf extract, Rhodiola root extract, Grape skin extract, and Polygonum cuspidatum root extract that contains resveratrol. All these ingredients help the brain with cognition and memory. Check it out for more detail information.

Here is my Facebook Video for Tip #5

Tip #6 for Healthy College Bound Students – Healthy Coffee, Collagen, Shakes and Smoothies

If you are going to have coffee, have a organic coffee that is field to cup. Youngevity’s coffee grown in Nicaraguan rainforest is organic. They adhere to strict standards. Their coffee is the best 100% Pure Arabica, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Fair Trade Certified™, and environmentally-friendly. What is great coffee is that it comes in Y-Cups perfect for any Keurig machine. It makes it simple for your student to make in his own coffee in his dorm room. Certainty healthier and cheaper than going to coffee houses.

Even better is that your student can add healthy Collagen Creamer to his coffee. Collagen helps hair, skin and nails. We have a variety of Collagen products, Collagen Peptides that is plain, Collagen Peptides Joint Support that has tropical berry flavor, and Collagen Peptides for Hair, Skin and Nails which is a berry flavor. Add these collagen products smoothie or shake of their choice. They make a healthy special treat.

Even though I don’t talk about smoothies and shakes in my video, we do have a variety of shakes for different meal plans from Keto 90, Wellness 90, and Vegan, as well as performance shakes. I personally use the TrueKeto shake and FitShake. I love them in chocolate. My son likes the Chocolate FitShake too. The Vegan comes in vanilla.

Products like CardioBeets and Super Greens are a simple way to make smoothies without buying a lot produce. You can add them into any shake along with collagen. For those who are Vegan, the Plant Based Shake with Super Greens or CardioBeets are a great ways to go.

Here is my Facebook Video from Tip #6

Tip #7 for Healthy College Bound Student – Comfort Food – Healthy Hot Chocolate

Being away from home, you crave comfort food. What is warming to the heart is Hot Chocolate. It always but a smile on my face. Better yet, Youngevity’s Beyond Hot Chocolate is healthy. It comes form rich organic cacao beans that are high in antioxidants. My son loves the dark chocolate taste.

As I said in the video, you can make a care package with some packets or canister of Beyond Hot Chocolate. You can add their favorite cookies or even brownies. They will love you for it. There are two versions, Beyond Hot Chocolate and Beyond Hot Chocolate. The are similar except for the sweeteners are different and the Keto one has healthy coconut oil powder. It depends what your lifestyle is. Both are great healthy chocolate treats.

In closing there are so many ideas I can give you. If you are looking for something special, contact me and I am more than happy to assist you.