I am a creative soul at heart. I have entertainment industry in my background. I started my own video business that branched out to working for a big video manufacturer. I worked for Pinnacle Systems for 9 years as an independent contractor doing a variety of jobs. It showed how flexible and how I love to help this company grow to become a major player in their field.

I stopped to have a child. I devoted my life to my son for several years. Because of my graphic background, I wanted to stay creative. I started another company called Scrapping Treasures. Later, I brought Heritage Makers under my umbrella of products and services that I wanted to provide to my customers.

Before Heritage Makers was acquired by Youngevity, I was on my path to improve my health. I lost 50 lbs. I lost an additional 20 lbs taking the Healthy Body Start Pak and began running on a treadmill when my bone and joint problems were eased. I have never been a runner my whole life, even in school. Gradually, I changed my focus to health after various blood tests showed that my health improved. Then I was able to stop taking prescription medication.

I have always been an outdoors person. I love skiing, scuba diving and hiking. At the age of 51, I began running outside with friends. I did my first 10 K in September, 2015 and my first Surf City Half Marathon in February, 2016. Then this year I did my second Surf City Half Marathon and was able to shave off 25 minutes off of last year’s time. My lifestyle changed and obviously, my health changed with it. I have never felt so vibrant in my life. I am living proof that you do live younger longer taking care of your yourself and taking Youngevity’s nutritional supplements.

The transformation of my health has inspired me to help others. I am driven now to help people to enhance their lifestyle. I am more outgoing, and I love to encourage people to improve themselves.

Lately, I have inspired people to dive into the Ketogenic Lifestyle that having been living for the last three years.