About Debi

Have you ever lost touch with your health by taking care of others?

I gained 70 lbs. while taking care of my son and my mother with Alzheimer’s.  I would have not realized it if it were not the photos I took for a holiday card.  This photo made me cry.

How did I accomplish this? 

Little did I know that doing a Keto Diet that my husband gave me for Christmas would start me down the road of health.  I was committed and lost 50 lbs. in six months. I thought that I would have felt better after losing 50 lbs. But I simply didn’t, I was “dead as a door nail.” I would go to bed at 8:30 at night, because I was so darn tired. I was taking store bought nutritional supplements that I later found out was my problem.

Then Youngevity found me. I decided to try their products and it is amazing what your body can do when given the right materials.  I lost an additional 20 lbs. with their products and started to run for the first time in my life.  I became a member of the “5% Club,” people who kept their weight off for over 2 years.  For me it is 8 years and counting and along the way, I started to do ½ Marathons.

When Youngevity announced their version of the Ketogenic Diet, I switched to their “Keto 90 Lifestyle” for maintenance. It has given me stability and my body feels better than it as ever felt before.

What benefits did I feel?

Within 4 days of taking the Healthy Body Start Pak,  I felt a surge of natural energy. I was able to stay up to 10 pm.

Later, I noticed my bone and joint issues easing that was when I started to running on a treadmill 10 minutes at time until it got up to 50 minutes 4-5 days a week which replaced my walking routine. Due to these changes, I lost the additional 20 lbs.   Overtime, I became a ½ Marathon runner at the age of 51. After my first ½ Marathon, is when I did a complete switch to Youngevity’s Keto 90 Lifestyle.  Because of the healthy fats I was consuming I shaved off 25 minutes from my previous ½ Marathon in 2017. I have done 6 of them so far.

Another bonus with feeling better is my doctor took me off of prescription medication too.

Why the additional weight loss?

The main reason for the unexpected weight loss was due to Youngevity’s Healthy Body Start Pak and Plant Derived Minerals.  Our foods of void of nutrients and we tend to eat more.  Because of them, I ate less and kept my weight off due to changing to the “Keto 90 Lifestyle” for maintenance.

What pushed me to become a Certified Wholisitic Health Coach?

Not only did the transformation of my own health inspire me to coach others, but during my weight loss journey, I had an annual blood test done.  A nurse asked me “What the hell are you doing?” She explained that my blood work improved dramatically.  From then on, I became passionate about revitalizing other’s health and sharing my story.

I have improved my coaching skills with training in the mindset arena.  I learned from Michael Bernoff, Tony Robbins, and Deb Erickson different ways to break through mental blocks.   I am now a Certified Wholistic Health Coach where I continue to grow and learn about mindset and health with wholistic approach for the mind, body, and spirit.

Now I offer more than Keto 90 Lifestyle.  I offer Wellness 90 and Rev 90 plans too.  Recently my weight loss team became Semi-Finalists in YGY Better Health Challenge.  The members did Keto 90 and Wellness 90 Plans.

What is great about my continued training is it puts me on the cutting edge of revitalizing people’s health wholistic solutions as time goes by.