Why Consume US Foods that Other Countries Banned?

Are US Banned Foods Worth Eating?

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Why consume US Foods that are banned by other countries? Are you worth eating?

Are US Banned Foods Worth Eating?

When I examine these US banned foods by other countries, it is obvious why they are on my bad food list.  These banned foods are not worth eating. When it comes to the proteins, eat pasture raised chickens, grass-fed beef, and wild caught salmon. The foods below are banned due to our food safety standards.  While other bans stem from commercial practices of using chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, food coloring and pesticides.  What the United States government deems safe for its populations is often not considered safe by other nations such as the UK, EU, and various other countries.

Most Common US Banned Foods

1. US Chicken

US chicken faces a ban in the UK and EU due to its chlorine-washing process for disease prevention. American chicken processors employ this technique to “safeguard consumers from food-borne diseases.”

However, However, the UK and EU deem this method unhygienic, prioritizing safety from farm to fork.

2. US Pre-Package Ground Beef

The pink slime that you found in the pre-packaged beef is a beef by-product treated with ammonia gas, used as a filler in ground beef. US beef is banned in the EU due to this process.

Learn more about pink beef slime here.

3. US Pork

US pigs are much bigger than those in the rest of the world, because of the use of a growth hormone ractopamine that has been banned in 160 countries.

Potential effects of ractopamine that have been found is a correlation between this growth hormone and an increase in heart rate.

4. Farmed Salmon

Farmed Salmon are exposed to multiple chemicals such as methyl mercury, dioxins and antibiotics.  Why? They swim in their own waste.

Further more, they’re fed synthetic astaxanthin to enhance flesh appearance.  Astaxanthin may cause eyesight damage in humans, cancer and other diseases.

Countries like Austria and New Zealand don’t go near farmed-raised fish.

5. US Milk

rGBH, also known as rBST, is a man-made growth hormone fed to dairy cows to boost milk production.

Its ban is linked to “potential risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancer.”

rBST can be found in milk products that are then turned into cheese, ice cream, dairy products, butter, yogurt.

US milk is banned in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the EU.”

Opt for organic milk, and if possible, source milk locally from nearby farms.

6. Conventional Corn

US corn is often sprayed with atrazine, linked to birth defects, and banned in 44 countries. This chemical is linked to birth defects and can disrupt wildlife too

Also atrazine is used on broadleaf crops including sugarcane.

7. Gatorade

This product is banned due to the presence of food dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. These particular artificial dyes are banned in the ED due to potential dangers for infants and children.  Norway and Austria have completely banned products containing these dyes.

Several countries have banned various products such as cereals and snacks because of artificial dyes.

8. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Crafted from a mixture of fructose and sugar, this sweetener is associated with health issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes. While not outright banned, the UK and some European countries have imposed product restrictions and quota limitations involving this ingredient in various products ranging from beverages to cereals and ice cream.

9. Genetically Engineered Papaya

While genetically engineered virus-resistant variants of papaya are legal to consume in the United States and parts of Asia, they are illegal in the EU and Canada. These countries ban this genetically engineer papaya because of risks that include the creation of new and more potent viral diseases in other organic papaya plants. 

10. US Bread

One of the reasons the UK and EU have banned US bread is due to our GMO wheat. An additional reason is the use of Potassium bromate, a chemical used by bakers who opt for quicker bread-making processes. This chemical has been linked to kidney damage, cancer, and nervous system harm.

It’s found in wraps, rolls, bread crumbs, bagel chips, and flatbreads. Potassium bromate is prohibited in Europe, Canada, and China.

The List Goes on and on… Eat Clean Instead

The list can be quite extensive. I’m limiting it to 10 examples. You can explore the links provided for additional details. I believe you comprehend my perspective. Is US Banned Foods Worth Eating? No. It’s crucial to prioritize a diet that’s clean and free from toxins.

Choose a Clean and Toxic Free Diet

When it comes to meats choose proteins sourced from pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught salmon, as I mentioned earlier. Choose organic produce to minimize pesticide exposure. When consuming milk, ensure it’s sourced from grass-fed cows. If you’re still sensitive, consider locally sourced raw, unpasteurized milk.

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