Ask Jeevers with Dr. Dwight Lundell

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Heart Disease Sneaks Up on You.

Heart Disease Sneaks Up on YouA lot people are not aware of what their truth health level is, because some health conditions gradually sneak up on you over decades. Heart Disease is one of them.

In this video Dr. Dwight Lundell says, “If you have Heart Disease, you are a Diabetic and if you are Diabetic, you have Heart Disease.” He explains that American Diet predisposes us to these conditions.  We simply consume too many carbs in our diet, and they are the silencing killing us.  He talks about the process of Glycation that causes inflammation that can lead to heart conditions, stroke and diabetics.  Also, our health is also effected by our behaviors, exercise and nutrition choices. 

The video is 30 minutes long, but it explains a lot about Heart Disease being the “silent killer” that sneaks up on you.❤🤔😉