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Want to be Healthier? Join the YGY Better Health Challenge

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Want to be Healthier? Join the YGY Better Health Challenge

Now is a Great Time to Receive a “Gift of Health”

Want to be Healthier? Now is a great time to receive a “Gift of Health” by joining the YGY Better Health Challenge. Why don’t you give yourself a “Gift of Health” this holiday season or even ask for one. You will get all the necessary things to get going. Learn a new program, and begin releasing weight.

People Usually Gain Weight up to 1st of Year

Did you know we are heading into a season where people from Thanksgiving to the 1st of the year, people gain approximately 20 lbs.? Learn from a Certified Wholistic Health Coach who released 70 Ibs. and kept it off for over 9 years.

One of my Better Health Challenge Teams became Semi-Finalists. I guided them through their journey with good nutrition, mindset and emotional coaching to get them over their obstacles and mental blocks. Each one of them did a different plan. One was Keto 90 and other other was Wellness 90. This mighty team released a total of 59 lbs. together in 90 days.

Ask your friends and family members to join you to become a bigger team.

I can coach individuals privately too.

Win Prizes

When you become a Semi-Finalist or Grand Champion, you not only win the “Gift of Health” of improved health, you also earn prizes. Everyone on a team and individual semi-finalists win $300 of Product Credit. With a Grand Championship Team each team member win $2,500 in cash, plus additional prizes. For Individual Grand Championships, the top two Runner Ups will win $1,000 and the two Grand Champions will win $5,000 in cash, plus additional prizes. I will be here to coach you too.

Is this what you want to do?

If you want to do this, don’t hesitate. You will be so happy and healthier. With those extra pounds gone, you will feel much better. I did!

My husband gave me a “Gift of Health” one Christmas. I committed to it and release a total 70 pounds on a Keto 90 Lifestyle. My health improved where I became a runner for the first time in my life. I started doing half marathons. You will get guidance from me, a person who actually released and who kept 70 lbs. off for over 9 years.😉

Get Started Now!

Now is the time to get started . You can even ask your love ones for this “Gift of Health” this year. You will be so happy that you did. My transformation made me healthier and happier.

Anyways, reach out to me with more questions. I will guide to a plan that works for you. Remember if you decide to start in January, you will be part of Cycle 1, now is the time to do it. Make a decision to do something for yourself. Reach out to me for more details