Beach Reveal Retreat is my new 6 month weight release jounrney dovetail wiht you writiing a chapter in book in retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Beach Reveal Retreat: Weight Release Program & Book Opportunity

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Beach Reveal Retreat is my new 6 month weight release jounrney dovetail wiht you writiing a chapter in book in retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Beach Reveal Retreat: Weight Release Program & Book Opportunity.

Beach Reveal Retreat

Weight Release Program & Book Opportunity

Isn’t it time to celebrate yourself while taking steps to become healthier? I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey, preparing you for an enriching Body Reveal Retreat in Puerto Vallarta! I’m thrilled to announce my collaboration with Julie Ann, the Founder of Influence Publishing Inc, on this empowering project. As part of this remarkable endeavor, you’ll contribute a chapter in a book that shares your incredible weight release journey, and this book will join our list of bestsellers! It aims to inspire women, helping them shift their mindset and conquer their weight loss challenges. By joining us, you’ll not only become a bestselling author but also leave a lasting legacy.

Weight Release Program

On April 4th, 2024, your weight release journey begins as all spots fill up. We have limited spots available. This exciting adventure starts with my the 6-month Beach Reveal Weight Release and Mindset Program that includes maintenance and accountability. Also to keep track of your progress, I am offering complimentary Zyto Link Scans or Health Evaluations done monthly during the program. It is a great way to monitor your progress. You’ll have plenty of the time and resources needed to shed those pounds. I will be monitoring your progress and coaching you every week to ensure your success via zoom with mindset coaching and tips for you to release weight.

Once the six months are up, there will be the Accountability Partner Group for maintenance, where you can help each other out. your questions throughout the month. I’llĀ  also actively engage with your posts, providing guidance and support. There will be one live session per month. I designed this approach to solidify your success and maintain your achievements. Finally, we get ready for an exciting journey as we explore the next steps of the Beach Reveal Retreat.

Book Opportunity

You’ll receive dedicated support in crafting your chapter during a group mastermind session at the House of Influence Retreat Center in Puerto Vallarta, hosted by Publisher Julie Ann. The dates for the Beach Reveal Retreat are November 6 – 13, 2024.

Comprehensive Package

This package includes all my coaching, House of Influence’s accommodations and food at the retreat center in Puerto Vallarta. There will be guidance on writing your chapter of our book, fun excursions, and diving into Puerto Vallarta’s culture. Plus, we include publishing costs and guidance on marketing your book. The total cost for this program is $3997, and there is a 7 month payment plan available.

Total cost for this program is $3997. Give yourself a “Gift of Health.” You need to register by March 29th that is when the first payment is due. You can secure your spot by putting down a deposit, which we will apply to your first payment.

Contact me

Contact me for more information by set up an complimentary consultation, or visit my Radio and TV Show, “Debi Changes Lives,” and one or all the episodes. My favorite is January 4th one. Here are the shows: the original episode, the second one from January 4th, 2024, and the third on on February 29th show on my YouTube Channel – Debi Changes Lives.

I created an funnel for more information. Sign up for it.

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