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My Coaching Services

Nutrition Based Health Coaching

Being a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, I empower people who lost touch with their health by allowing them to break their belief of impossibilities.

I offer a Free 15 Minute Consultation to see where they are and then use tools to determine a custom health strategy using natural wholistic solutions for mind, body, and spirit.

I look at what their symptoms are, what their current diet is, what type of movement they are doing, where their mindset is and their health goals.

I create a strategy to revitalize their health.  I help them with healthy habits, suggest changes in diet if needed, guide them to nutraceuticals that they need based on their health goals.

I follow them monthly to guide them to optimize health.

Weight Loss Coaching

Everyone is different, so it better that you choose the plans that is right for you. I offer three different meal plans:

Keto 90 Plan is where you have moderate protein, low carbs and high healthy fats.  You have 4-5 meals a day.  Your body will burn fat during Ketosis. This plan worked for me, but everyone is different.

Rev 90 Plan is a low-calorie nutrient-dense food plan with portioned meals where you will lose weight.  You will have three meals.

Wellness 90 Plan is where you eat a balanced diet of healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and fats. You have 3 meals a day with a snack.

I offer coaching for all these plans.  With all of my coaching clients, I help establish good healthy eating patterns, healthy habits, suggest exercise, and get them over their obstacles to improve their health from my own experience of weight loss journey.

I offer two approaches On Your Own minimum guidance coaching and Private & Custom Coaching that is an additional cost.

On Your Own

You can be coached individually or on a Team.  I coach you through their hurdles and answered questions.  We meet weekly as a check in. I encourage you to enter the Better Health Challenge.

In 2021, I had a Weight Loss Team where the members used two different plans, and they became Semi-Finalists due to my coaching.

Private Coaching (Fee Based)

If you do decide to go with the private coaching, there is a 12-week program that includes: weekly webinar meeting to go over your progress, weight check, answer your questions, give you hints and tips.

I will also go over the guidelines set by different plans on the Healthy Body website. I will help you pick favorite recipes based on food you like to eat. I will guide you to products you will enjoy from Youngevity. I am not a nutritionist or medical professional, but a person who was successful with my own weight loss journey and is helping others.

Custom Meal Plans (Fee Based)

I also create custom meal plans for you for your successful transformation.

Mindset & Emotion Coaching (Fee Based)

If the person who is stuck in a pattern, I do offer more extensive mindset and emotion coaching to track down where the block is and help them to release it.

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    If you decide to go with the Fee Based Coaching,  click here for your free consultation, future your appointments and payments.