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Benefits of Understanding Brain Frequencies

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What are the Benefits of Understanding Brain Frequencies?

In the last few years, I have learned so much about brain frequencies and how they affect us from Deb Erickson. Understanding these principles have helped me to manage stress better. You may have heard of me sharing biannual and neuro audios in the past.

Today I learned more from Ben Fuchs. Here is how the brain works. There are five frequencies and what they do:

  • Gamma that is around 40 hertz, is the state that we are in flow.
  • Beta that is around 14 to 40 hertz, is the state when we are focusing on a problem.
  • Alpha that is around 8 to 15 hertz, is the state when we are relaxing.
  • Theta that is around 4 to 7 hertz, is the state when we are nodding off and starting to dream.
  • Delta that is around 1 to 3 hertz, is the state when we are fast asleep.

Why do You Need to Know This?

Understanding how the different frequencies work, helps you be less stressful, learn to get into the flow and focus your “energy” better.

How to Handle Beta Frequency When You are Stressed

When you are a stressful state, your brain is in a Beta frequency because you are focused a problematic situation. To get out of this brain frequency, you need to redirect your brain to get into an Alpha frequency. Focusing on slow deep diaphoretic breathing is a good way to redirect your brain. Slowing down your breathing, slows down your brain and relaxes you. Listening to to binaural audios will help you with your meditation even more. Both of these activities will slow down your brain to be in an Alpha frequency. Alpha frequency obviously relaxes you. It also aids in healing and makes it easier to get into Theta and Delta frequencies for a restful sleep. Having restful sleep sets up for a less stressful day the following morning.

Beta Frequency can be Beneficial

Then there are times, you want to be a good Beta frequency so you can be more productive. Ben suggests to intensely focus through the centers of the eyes to amplify beta brain waves and improve the ability to find solutions to dilemmas.

Theta Frequency is Great for Sleep and Inspiring Creativity

To get a good night sleep slowing down the brain frequency to Theta is needed. Also Theta can inspire your creativity. Ben encourages you get into a Theta frequency by relaxing muscles and use visualization techniques. When you are in a dream like state, you can come up with wonderful concepts.

Gamma Frequency Helps Memory and Well-Being

Finally, to improve memory, well-being and happiness you want to be in Gamma frequency. You will notice you are in this frequency when you are in state of flow. Ben suggests using meditation. You can also use intentions. Intention will keep you focus on your task. Help with better retention. When you are in the flow it does bring you well-being and happiness.

Also, he mentions an interesting point that he found. “A 2017 study from Loma Linda University in California” indicates that “eating nuts, particularly walnuts, pecans” helps to put you into the “flow zone.”

Be More Productive by Mastering Different Brain Frequencies

Being aware what brain frequency you are in and knowing which one you want to go into is, so powerful. It is almost “mind-blowing.” I am not at the stage to be a master at the moment. I have mastered being aware of the stressful beta frequency and got out of it to alpha frequency. Later I got into Theta frequency to sleep well. I would love to see how I could use the Theta frequency for creativity one day.

It is a lot to think about. Now you are aware of the benefits of understanding brain frequencies. You can research it in more detail.

If you want the neural algorithm for meditation, you find it at the end of this blog post or click here.