See what your body needs with a Zyto Scan

Discover Your Body’s Preferences with a Zyto Scan

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Take the guess work of what your body needs by doing a Zyto Scan.

Discover Your Body’s Preferences with a Zyto Scan

Are you curious about the secrets your body holds? A Zyto Scan can help you gain insight into what your body needs. This body bioscan uses galvanic skin response technology to identify your body’s preferred nutritional products, such as supplements, essential oils, skincare products, foods, wellness services, and lifestyle options without the guess work.

How Does it Work?

During the scan, your stressors and balancers are identified to determine what your body needs, listing the top items that work best for you. Over time, Zyto scans can also provide additional information, revealing correlations, patterns, and trends related to your health and items found.

What Information Does it Provide?

The Zyto scan report is based on four categories of health: the detoxification system, gastrointestinal system, hormonal/endocrine system, and immune system. It indicates areas that are out of range and provides solutions that work for you.

Moreover, the Zyto scan can provide information about Chinese Meridians and how specific emotions can impact certain organs in your body. Managing your emotions can help manage your health.

Share your reports with professionals like Chiropractors and Acupuncturists to address any imbalances or areas of concern.

You will be amazed at what you discover, and this is a great tool to guide you towards optimal health.

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