Don’t Let Stress & Anxiety Take a Toll on You…

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Don’t Let Stress & Anxiety Take a Toll on You…Here is What You Can Do

Stress and anxiety go hand in hand these days.  Life is not exactly easy and there are a lot of changes that makes us pivot.  Don’t Let Stress Takes a Toll on You… Here is What You can do.

People basically don’t like change.  They want to be where they are comfortable, so any change gives them anxiety and is stressful unless you know how to work with change, stress, and anxiety.

What Stress & Anxiety Does to the Body

Stress and Anxiety cause our body to go into survival mode which is fear, fight or flight. You may have a rapid heartbeat, you may be anxious, you may lose clarity and express frustration, anger and can be depressed.

Your body burns through your nutrients. Some people tend to eat more. Some eats less. You are tired and have mental fatigue. If you are in a stress mode for a long time with high cortisol, you won’t sleep well, and your adrenal glands are tapped out.  Your metabolism lowers and you could gain weight. Also, it affects your immune system.

Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Once you are aware of the signals of stress and anxiety, there are a lot of ways to reduce them.  Do the following that works for you:

  • Exercise is a great way to release stress and helps anxiety. It creates endorphins that help you feel better. I personally run no matter how stressed I am.  I always feel better.
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing is an excellent way to relax your body system.  It relaxes you because the deep breathing is circulating your blood and your lymphatic fluids.  It makes you feel better.
  • A good diet is important because a healthy gut, will help you feel less anxious.  There is a two-way communication signal from your gut and brain and back along the vagus nerve.  When you are stressed, your gut is affected and could feel like you don’t want to eat.  When your noxious, you don’t have mental clarity.  Keeping your gut healthy, will help you feel better.  Have a healthy diet free sugar, eliminate problem foods and toxins so you will not trigger anxiety in turn stress.
  • I have even found an exercise you can do to help your vagus nerve by Suxie Baxter.  It helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Do your best to control your emotions and remain in a positive mindset.  Divert your mind from what you are experiencing now that is not beneficial and do something good for yourself.
  • Take a relaxing bath can help.
  • Read a good book or watch a fun movie.
  • A good night sleep helps with stress if you can sleep.
  • I love listening to binaural audios to relieve stress and anxiety.  They are great to meditate to as well to release stress and anxiety.  Below I offer a free one that is a neural algorithm meditation audio.  Give it a try.
  • Yes, if your adrenals are truly taxed, I have several products that help get your body system back where they need to be.  I do have my favorites.

Products for Stress & Anxiety

As I said before, having a healthy gut is the key.  I will assume that your gut is healthy, if not contact me so I can help you.  Here are the products that I and others love. Pick what interest you or ask me more questions:

  • Ultimate D-Stress provides key nutrients known to be involved in a healthy stress response cycle. It provides you with nutrients that help to calm the nervous system and support healthy adrenal function. It is in capsule form.
  • Hypothalamus Support is a herbal product.  Hypothalamus Support contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that help support a healthy hypothalamus pituitary and adrenal glands plus feeds the endocrine system and provides glandular support.  It comes in tincture form.
  • Adrenal Health is another herbal product.  You would use this in combination with the Hypothalamus Support, because the Hypothalamus Support crosses the blood brain barrier to make this product work better.  Adrenal Health contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that support your adrenal glands and promotes healthy energy levels.  It comes in a tincture form.
Hypothalamus Support
Adrenal Health

Finally, if you need more assistance with sleep you have seven to choose from:

  • Sleep Eze is all-natural and formulated with a proprietary blend of herbs (passion flower, valerian, lemon balm chamomile, hops) and other natural ingredients to support healthy, restful sleep. It is a capsule form.
  • Bio Nite has an unique liquid formula of melatonin chamomile and valerian is non-habit forming and promotes safe and natural relaxation and sleep and features the proprietary biocellular micellization process. It is a tincture.
  • Good Night Essential Oil helps to balance the brain and body to promote a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep cycle.  I recommend the Roller Bottle version because it is ready to go. Roll it from the top of toe down the side to the heel.
  • HempFx® Relax combines powerful all-natural sleep supporting botanicals with the unique benefits of phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil. The proprietary combination of soothing botanicals found in Relax includes chamomile, lavender, valerian and melatonin. Combined with phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, Relax delivers all-natural support that may help relax the mind and body. It is a tincture.
  • HempFX® Hydration Sleep helps you get both with phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil and the soothing benefits of melatonin. It is tablet that you dissolve in water.
Sleep Eze
Bio Nite
Good Night Essential Oil Roller Bottle
HempFx Relax
HempFx Hydration Sleep
Beyond Osteo Fx
Cal/Mag 100

Here is the link for the neural algorithm for meditation:

It is best to reach out to me so we can focus what will work the best for you.  You are welcome to setup a Free Consultation.  If you have problems with this link, contact me. I look forward to helping you find your perfect solution.

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