Exercise and Diet is Important to Improve your Health

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With modern technology and convenience, people forget the importance of exercise.  Your diet is the key to your health, but exercise also has it benefits. At first, exercise alone did not help me lose weight.  My diet and what I ate had a big impact in my weight loss.  When I lost my 70 pounds, at first all I could do was to walk on a treadmill 4-5 days a week for 40-50 minutes a day.  I also did Pilates.  When I changed the way I ate, it made a big difference, But over time, I noticed many benefits of exercising.

After losing 50 pounds, and changing my nutritional supplements to the Healthy Body Start Pak, exercising took a big turn in my favor.  I started to feel more energized.  I has taking a product with more antioxidants. I noticed that bone and joint problems began to ease too.  I felt better to start to running on the treadmill instead of walking.  Exercise oxygenates the body.  It helps circulation and improves your heart.  Over time exercise will strengthen your muscles and improve your mobility.  Of course, it will decrease your stress and will reduce your blood pressure.  Not only, it will reduce your body fat and improve your health over time.

Exercise will also help you with your mood.  When I switched to running outside and ran more.  I was happier.  I enjoyed running with friends and running became my new sport for me. 

Now running may not be for everyone, but there is so many different types of exercise you can enjoy.  I already mentioned Pilates, and a lot of people enjoy Yoga or Tai Chi.  Whatever is your favorite “flavor” of exercise that you enjoy, do it in a regular routine basis. When you start out, start out small and build upon it.  You will strengthen your body and improve your health.  

Never exercise without taking nutritional supplements.  People don’t realize that you sweat out nutrients when you exercise. Be sure to drink Rebound to replace those nutrients that you have loss.  It is a lot better for you than other sport replenishment drinks out there.  Rebound helped me through two Half Marathons, after I started running at the age of 51.