Lose Weight be Healthier

Spring Into Your Summer Body

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Get in Shape, Lose Weight, Look Great

Spring into shape by getting healthier, losing weight, have energy and look great. Get that Summer Body that you will enjoy at the beach, pool or cruise. It is doable. You need to be committed to it. and I am here to help you.

Join My Spring Weight Loss Challenge

Spring is crazy. Everyone’s Spring Break is different, but now is your chance to shape up. Join my Better Health Team Challenge. Yes, Cycle 2 started on April 1st, but I just got great news. If you are on Spring Break and want to start, the deadline is flexible. Originally, I wanted all who are interested to sign up by this Friday, April 5th. I extended it to Friday, April 12th. Remember the sooner you start, the sooner you get to that “hot” bathing suit body! So let me know by Friday 12th so I can introduce you to the meal plan that you chose! πŸ˜‹ Contact me at Debi@DebiChangesLives.com

What You can expect from Better Health Challenge Team

Joining my team, I offer a Secret Facebook Group where you share your stories, challenges and fears. Keep track of your health journey of your weight loss and lost inches. Also, I offer Free Weekly Coaching calls to help you with blocks of mindset, nutrition, and motion. Youngevity also offers a lot of Facebook Lives with a variety of speakers and topics. They also have several Facebook support groups based on the three meal plans that they offer

Your Choice of Meal Plans to Better Your Health

Because everyone has different food preference, different lifestyles and has different health concerns, Youngevity offers three different these meal plans to choose from. They all include Youngevity’s 90 for Life, micro nutrients which are the nutritional supplements we offer. The is Keto 90 which is Youngevity’s Ketogenic meal plan that is low in carbs, high in healthy fats and moderate protein. The Rev 90 which is a high dense nutrients and low calorie meal plan. Finally there is the Wellness 90 that is similar to the Mediterranean Diet but there is no oils or gluten in it. You can find all meal plans with meal ideas on YGYBetterHealth.com. The video below is an highlights what Youngevity offers.πŸ•Άβ›±πŸ‘™


So do it. Shape up and become the new you. You will have that great Summer Body that you will be proud of. Join me today.