Breathe Essentially's Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip

Great Interview with Michael Haas the Inventor of Breathe Essentially’s Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip

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Breathe Essentially's Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip

Today, I interviewed Michael Haas, the inventor of the Breathe Essentially’s Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip.  I love this product.  Recently, I have been using the Sports Breathe Essentially with my running. I shaved about a minute of my 6 mile time. With  my improved time, I wanted to interview Michael Haas to learn more.

Essential Oils Can Improve Health

People use Essential Oils to improve health.  They can improve your aches and pains, breathing, bruising and other ailments, and now athletic performance.

What is great about Breathe Essentially is that you can use it as a personal inhaler.  Michael has invented two types: a therapeutic one and a sports clip one.  In this picture, you see me using the Sports Clip.  I love the combination of sports clip with Youngevity’s Spearmint Essential Oil.  It has enhanced my running experience.  My running pace improved and my mood uplifted.  The first time I wore it, I felt that I was in the mountains skiing.  After my run was over, I saw that one minute was smashed off from my time.  I have used it several times and my performance has improved over time.  Spearmint Essential Oil is known to be beneficial for your lungs.

One day I lost my voice.  Breathe Essentially and Spearmint Essential Oil got me through my run with my illness.  I even felt better for the rest of the day.  People can use the therapeutic nose clip as well with their favorite essential oil to help get over an illness and help with sleep.

Why a Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip

Michael had a problem breathing.  He wanted to continue to bike,  He solved his problem by creating the nose clip.  Like I used it for running, Michael uses the Personal Aroma Therapy Nose Clip when his bikes.  He also talks about how professional athletes use essential oils to boost their performance.

Here is the link to the Sports Breathe Essentially,

We will visit this topic again in about month.  Enjoy the video.