Harness human vibration to enjoy life

How to Harness the Power of Human Vibration?

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Harness Human Vibration - Sounds Influence the Emotional and Spiritual Balance

How to Harness the Power of Human Vibration?

Sounds Influence the Emotional and Spiritual Balance

As someone baptized late in life, I’m intrigued by human vibration for emotional and spiritual equilibrium. It lead me to understand how to release stress and emotions for a more positive life.  Like many we are all works in progress.  Awareness is the key, adjusting and moving forward helps us to live a more fulfilled life.

Our world is world is full chaos.  We need to know that we only can control how we react to it.  Having that in mind, finding balance has become a “holy grail” for many. With our navigation of life’s flux, we strive to maintain equilibrium among emotions, relationships, and external pressures. However, we often overlook a fundamental aspect of our existence, that is our human vibrational frequency.

Our world is full of vibrational frequency.  The earth and nature vibrate at 432 Hz.  The humming of bee hives are at 432 Hz providing healing properties.  Classical music at 432 Hz, from Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven, is know to reduces stress, improves sleep, and boosts cognition. Additionally, the Solfeggio frequencies, ancient musical tones with have healing properties. The 396 Hz frequency, frees guilt and fear. Healing and DNA repair happens with 528 Hz, and connection and connection improves with 639 Hz. Some theories suggest A-432 music positively affects our atoms, thought waves, and DNA, syncing with our heartbeat and benefiting well-being. Other believe it helps with chronic pain.  All these sounds affect our human body and emotions. Understanding our brain frequencies is important too.

The concept of human vibration stems from the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including ourselves. Just as every object has its unique vibrational frequency, so do we. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions emit energetic vibrations that not only affect us. It also ripple out into the world around us.

Emotional and Spiritual Balance

Emotional balance is the cornerstone of well-being. When we are emotionally balanced, we experience a sense of inner peace, resilience, and clarity. Our emotions flow freely, neither suppressed nor overwhelming, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with grace and composure. However, achieving emotional balance requires more than just suppressing negative emotions or chasing fleeting moments of happiness. It entails cultivating a deep awareness of our emotional landscape, embracing all facets of our being with compassion and acceptance.

Spiritual balance, on the other hand, transcends the realm of the material and connects us to something greater than ourselves. It’s aligning with our higher purpose, tapping into inner wisdom, and nurturing our connection to the divine, however we perceived. Spiritual balance empowers us to live authentically. We align with our values and beliefs and find meaning for fulfillment in our lives.

Navigating the Spectrum of Vibrations

Human Emotional Vibration Chart shows the frequencies of emotions.

Low Vibrations

Low vibrations encompass various negative states of being that hinder our emotional and spiritual well-being. They weigh us down, cloud our perception, and limit our potential for growth and fulfillment as seen below:


Scarcity vibration stems from the belief in lack and limitation, leading to feelings of fear and insecurity about not having enough. It blocks abundance and prosperity from flowing into our lives.

Shame and Guilt

These emotions arise from a sense of unworthiness and self-judgment, keeping us stuck in the past and preventing us from embracing self-love and forgiveness.


A state of indifference or resignation towards life, apathy drains our energy and motivation, hindering personal growth and fulfillment.


Rooted in the insatiable desire for more, greed leads to selfishness, exploitation, and disconnection from others, perpetuating a cycle of dissatisfaction and emptiness.


Perhaps the most pervasive of all low vibrations, fear constricts our energy and keeps us imprisoned in a state of paralysis and limitation, preventing us from stepping into our full potential.

Desire (Negative Sense)

When desire becomes tainted with jealousy, envy, or attachment, it distorts our perception and leads to suffering and discontentment.


This intense emotion that arises from feelings of frustration, injustice, or powerlessness. Anger clouds our judgment and disrupts our relationships, perpetuating conflict, and division.

Pride (Negative Sense)

Hubristic pride, characterized by arrogance, entitlement, and egotism, creates separation and alienation from others, fueling a false sense of superiority and disconnection from our true essence.

Good Vibrations

Good vibrations encompass positive states of being that uplift and empower us, enabling us to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. They cultivate inner strength, clarity, and peace as seen below:


The willingness to face our fears and step outside of our comfort zone, courage empowers us to pursue our dreams and live authentically, despite the uncertainties of life.


Maintaining a state of equanimity amidst the fluctuations of life, neutrality allows us to observe our experiences without attachment, aversion, or judgment, fostering inner peace and balance.


Openness to new possibilities and experiences, willingness invites growth and expansion, allowing us to embrace change and adapt to life’s challenges with grace and resilience.


Embracing life as it is, acceptance frees us from the grip of resistance and judgment, allowing us to find peace and serenity in the present moment.


Cultivating rationality and discernment, reason enables us to make informed decisions and navigate life’s complexities with clarity and wisdom.

Ascending Vibrations

Positive vibrations at their highest level, ascending vibrations elevate us to states of profound connection and enlightenment. They signify our alignment with the universal flow of love and wisdom as seen below:


At the highest vibration, love is the essence of our true nature, uniting us in a state of interconnectedness and oneness with all beings.


A profound sense of happiness and contentment that arises from within, joy transcends external circumstances and emanates from the depths of our soul.


Inner peace is a state of harmony and tranquility that arises when we let go of resistance and surrender to the flow of life, trusting in the inherent goodness of the universe.


The pinnacle of spiritual evolution, enlightenment is a state of awakening to our true nature as divine beings, transcending the illusions of the ego and realizing our interconnectedness with all of creation.

Incorporating Practices for Enlightenment

Embarking on the path to enlightenment requires dedication and a willingness to explore various resources and practices that facilitate spiritual growth. Here are some ideas:

Religious Texts

Depending on your belies and upbringing, listening to or reading many religious texts, such as the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao Te Ching, offer profound insights into the nature of existence and guidance on spiritual growth and enlightenment.


A powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness and transcending the limitations of the ego, meditation allows us to access higher states of consciousness and connect with our inner wisdom.


Practicing mindfulness in our daily lives cultivates presence and awareness, allowing us to fully engage with the richness of each moment and deepen our connection to the divine.


More than just a physical practice, yoga encompasses a holistic approach to spiritual development, integrating body, mind, and spirit to facilitate inner transformation and enlightenment.

Service and Compassion

Engaging in acts of service and compassion towards others expands our capacity for love and fosters a sense of unity and interconnectedness, bringing us closer to enlightenment.

Study of Spiritual Teachings

Delving into the teachings of spiritual masters and enlightened beings can provide invaluable guidance and inspiration on the path to enlightenment, illuminating the way forward with timeless wisdom and insight.

Incorporating these resources and practices into our lives, we can elevate our consciousness, raise our vibrational frequency, and journey towards the ultimate state of enlightenment, where love, joy, and peace abound, and the essence of our true nature is revealed.

Achieving emotional and spiritual balance is an ongoing journey, not a destination. It requires commitment, self-reflection, and a willingness to embrace the full spectrum of human experience. By harnessing our human vibration and aligning with the flow of universal energy, including the power of 432Hz and above found in nature and classical music, we can cultivate a deeper sense of balance, harmony, and well-being. Living our lives to our fullest potential, our uplifting and ascending vibrations will attract success, healthier living and help us fulfill the purpose of our lives.

Need Guidance?

As a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, my approach extends beyond physical health to encompass the transformation of your mindset and soul as well. I look at the whole picture and offer solutions that include neuro-tools that help you vibrationally better. I can offer a customized wholistic natural strategy to optimize your health as a whole with mind, body and soul. You will be healthier, more productive and have an enjoyable life. Contact me for coaching via email or schedule a complimentary consultation appointment today.

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