Have you Heard of Zeta Potenial?

Have You Heard of Zeta Potential?

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What is ZP – Zeta Potential

Zeta Potential is, in a way, a super hero strength of your body. It shows how efficient your body generates an electrical charge. Zeta Potential is important. As Ben Fuchs says. “All disease is cell ‘dis-ease’… Blood feeds and oxygenates cells. Its circulation through the body generates an electrical charge.”  The electrical charge measured is called the “ZP” or “zeta potential.” His comments intrigued me. I decided to do some research.

According to Galixy Health, “Zeta potential relates to the measurement of the electrical force found between cells, atoms, and molecules in a fluid. Our zeta potential determines how many nutrients and waste our blood can carry.”

What is the Difference between Low and High Zeta Potential?

Ben Fuchs says, “The higher the zeta potential, the more fluid the blood is and the healthier and better nutrient-oxygenated your cells will be. A “decrease in ZP is associated with accelerated aging and health challenges.”

Galixy Health explains that electrical forces allow our fluids (lymph and blood) to hold and dissolve nutrients and waste. Depending on our ZP strength, the body will deposit the nutrients or remove waste.  If zeta potential is low the blood gets sluggish and creates disease.

How to Increase Your Zeta Potential

I found there are several ways of increasing your zeta potential. Ben Fuchs says to increase Zeta Potential by:

  1. Drink 2 to 4 quarts of water a day. This will improve blood volume, improve circulatory flow and increases the zeta potential
  2. Breathe Deeply.  Oxygen keeps blood cells healthy and increases their electrical charges and raises the zeta potential.
  3. Earthing – Walking barefoot on cool mud or dirt.  Electrical energy that streams from the center of the earth to the surface enters the soles of our feet.  It will enter the bloodstream and increase zeta potential for improving and enhance wellbeing.

Galixy Health states to avoid lowering your zeta potential by:

  1. Avoid aluminum – Aluminum is found in antiperspirants, soft drinks, canned goods, and antacids.
  2. Limit alcohol consumption – Intravascular coagulation produce by alcohol lowers zeta potential.
  3. EDTA Chelation Therapy – This therapy will remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.
  4. Earthing – They agree with Ben Fuchs.  “The electrical charge from the earth can raise the zeta potential of the blood.”

What I recommend

After reviewing these ideas, it obvious that not keeping up a higher zeta potential is a problem and causes different diseases.  I do recommend the approaches from Ben Fuchs and Galixy Health.

Our foods, produce and proteins, are nutritionally deficient. Lack of minerals in our soil causes this deficiency. It is important to have nutritional supplements. Minerals are a key component.  Minerals will give the electrical charge needed to absorb the nutrients and make our cells healthy. That will give you a higher ZP . I have a variety of Healthy Body Paks (know as 90 for Life) that will work for a variety of different conditions.

Ben Fuchs recommends several ideas to remove heavy metals and to support the production of the body’s master detox molecule glutathione. He says to use glutamine, acetylcysteine and selenium. He suggests Intravenous chelation therapy with Vitamin C, done by a health care professional and exercising helps to remove heavy melt through your sweat. The use of afar or near infrared sauna is beneficial as well.

Depending on what is happening with your body, I offer a Free Consultation and Health Evaluation to guide you better.  Any of these products I recommend will raise your ZP, and there are cleanses and processes that I can recommend too to achieve a higher Zeta Potential.

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