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I have been through a life transformation. I did not know that at the time. All I wanted to do is to lose weight. I weighed 186 lbs, and I lost 50 lbs originally on a Ketogenic Diet. As you look at my website you will see that I am with a company called Heritage Makers. I used to and still help people preserve their photo memories with memory keeping products from Heritage Makers.

In August of 2013, Heritage Makers was acquired by Youngevity, a Health and Wellness company, a stretch I thought at the time. A lot was going on my life, but after a while, I decided to take the Healthy Body Start Pak. I was still on maintenance from my Ketogenic Diet, but I did not have the energy I thought I would have after being on maintenance. I decided to take the Healthy Body Start Pak, and it changed my life. Overtime, I became a runner. lost another 20 lbs., and got off depression medication. At the age of 51 I did my first Half Marathon, and this year I smashed my last years’ time by 25 minutes.  I have kept the weight off and have been the same size since November 2013.

With this experience, I have the passion to help others with their health and lifestyle. In my blog, you will see posts about improving your health and Keto 90 Lifestyle, because it has helped me immensely.  You will also find other posts of interest that Youngevity is offering.

Contact me and I will guide you to your journey of better health and improve your lifestyle!