Honored to be Featured in Empowered Magazine

Honored to be Featured in Empowered Magazine

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Honored to be Featured in Empowered Magazine
I am Featured in Empowered Magazine

Honored to be Featured in Empowered Magazine

I am thrilled and honored to be part of this Empowered Magazine. I thought it was a great way to share my story, because I do empower others to revitalize their health through wholistic nutrition for your mind, body and soul.

My Journey & Why I Revitalize People’s Health Naturally

My journey is captured in a synopsis seen below explaining why I do what I do. The picture above is hard to read, you I will see the actual page below.

Debi Voris' Featured Story in Empower Magazine, 2022. page 20
Empowered Magazine
Summer 2022, Page 20

The Magazine Journey

It was fun to be part of all the stages that this opportunity gave me. I invited others to join me with this journey. I had a photoshoot and video shoot. There was a publication party where I met others who have a feature this publication. Soon, I will be a podcast. Next year, I will going to a ceremonial event.

Here are some photos at the Empowered Magazine Publication Party:

Fun photos for the Publication Launch Party
Fun Shots from Empowered Magazine Publication Party

You never knows what life will bring you. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I am so happy that I participated.

Anything is Possible

My story and other featured stories show that anything is possible. At 49 years old my health journey started. I have kept healthy and fit ever since. November will be my 9th anniversary of being the same size.

If you want to do something about your health, you first be aware of your health problems. Do something about it and commit to it make it happen. This process releases the inner self who you will love.

I am here to help others to revitalize their health. They need to be ready and commit to it. I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Set up an Free Consultation to get stared. Please use the down arrow to next to a paid session to find the “Free 15 Minute Consultation.”

You never know if you will be in the next featurette of Empowered Magazine.

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