My soul was enriched by being honored.

I Am Honoree!

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Honored at Sisterhood Extravaganza Summit for being an Empowered Magazine Honoree.
I am Honored

I Am Honoree!

The beginning of March, I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to join other honorees at the Sisterhood Extravaganza Summit. Honorees and companions from across the United States were in attendance.

2023 Honoree Award from Empowering Women Success Summit.

I am thrilled to share my experience as an honoree at the Summit. It was a celebration of sisterhood, with inspiring stories from fellow honorees and informative workshops led by great speakers. The award ceremony was uplifting and emotional. Being part of Empowered Magazine was an honor in itself, and participating in this event was fulfilling with a wonderful community of women. Receiving an award certainly put a smile on my face.

I am grateful for attending this event as it revitalized my soul. If you ever get an opportunity to participate in an event like this, I highly recommend you go. You can inspire and empower others by putting out a helping hand in your community. Plus you will learn from others and find out what you can do for them. It will enrich your soul.

More photos will be coming soon.

Oh, look for my upcoming project… a book! I am so excited.