I Challenge You To Get Your Body Moving

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I Challenge You to Get Your Body Moving!

It is National Fitness and Sports Month.  I am challenging everyone I know, and people who I meet to get your body moving.  Come do a 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon.  You can walk it, run it, walk and run it or even hike it. Some people are doing over a few days.

It is easier than you think, because it is a Virtual Run that you can do on your own, and it benefits the World Ocean’s Day.  It starts on June 8th and ends on June 15th.  You can do it any time and any place.  This is how you participate:

  1.  Click on this link.  Join my team Debi Changes Lives and purchase your bib and dolphin medal.  Prices go up on May 7th.
  2.  Download a running app like Nike Run Club Plus for your phone or one you like that will track your run.
  3.  Track your run to see what you do and send me the results from your app.

I will send you a free gift.

Getting your body moving, increases your circulation.  Increasing circulation, helps you get healthier in so many ways.  It benefits your skin, muscles, and your cardiovascular system. Plus, you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.  Keep me posted on your entry and when you finish.  Have fun!