Keto 90 Lifestyle Video on The Wright Place TV

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In February of this year I was interviewed on The Wright Place TV show regarding my weight loss.  I shared my story on how I lost 70 lbs and became a runner for the first time in my life. I have completed two half marathons at the age of 51 and 52. For my second half marathon, I shaved 25 minutes off my original half marathon’s time. What an improvement!  These improvements happened over time.  I improved not only my health, but my endurance and mental outlook.

My health transformation was due to my original Ketogenic Lifestyle, Healthy Body Start Pak, and the Keto 90 Lifestyle that I am currently on.  Also have a philosophy that you can always step your health and obtain a new level of health.  The video is worth your time to investigate what I did and how I can help you enrich your health. Enjoy watching it, and ask me how I can guide you to better health.