Losing Weight Is Not Complicated

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With the right amount of mindset, awareness and commitment, losing weight is not complicated. A lot of the people are not aware of being unhealthy and over weight. It is not until something happens like disgust that opens their eyes. Then they become aware and want to do something about it.

Why are people having problems losing weight?

First, they are not aware that what they are eating has made them unhealthy. They probably are eating too much. They are in cycle of making mistakes of consuming the wrong foods. Their mentality of the grab and go eating is making it worse. They don’t think about what they put in their mouths. Then they became overweight. At this point, they think that they cannot lose the weight. They think It is too hard to do and don’t make the change. This is nothing from the truth. They are lying to themselves, because they don’t believe they can when they can.

Does What You See Disgust You?

Debi Lost 70 lbs.

Sometimes, it takes seeing what you look will motivate you. When I saw the picture on the left it made me cry. I was so unhappy. I knew I had to do something about it. My disgust drove me to love 70 lbs. total. I was committed to lose weight, and I lost 50 lbs. in 6 months and another 20 when I became a runner. I went from a size 16 to a size 2. This November will be my 9th Anniversary of being the same size as you can see from the picture on the right.

Once You Lost Weight, You Don’t Want to Come Back. Choose a Lifestyle of Exercise and Eating Works for You.

I kept my commitment of to myself that I would never be that size again. Every year I look at things to improve myself. Running became part of my lifestyle as well as Keto 90 Lifestyle. My choices may not fit you. and they don’t have too. Make a choose that works for you. You got to like what you are eating. You have to enjoy the exercise you are doing. Once you enjoy these things it becomes a part of you and your mindset and habits change.

How to Simplify?

There are so many plans and exercise programs out there. It can be overwhelming, but f you are determined to lose weight, one easy way to do to start is finding meal replacement shake you like. I offer True Keto 90 Shakes in Chocolate and Strawberry, a Vegan Shake called Plant Base Shake that is Vanilla flavor, TMR Shakes that are Whey Protein Shakes that are good for people who want to lose weight as well as muscle building in Chocolate and Vanilla, and Sports Recovery Shakes in Chocolate and Banana Crème called the Fit Shake. I love the Keto 90 Shakes when I am in a hurry for a meal replacement. Another favorite is the Fit Shake as my Sports Recovery shake because of the probiotics and bone broth protein in them.

How to Choose the Shake for Me?

With the variety of shakes I offer, you may want to look at the meal plans that they are in. Keto 90, Rev 90 and Wellness 90 meal plans are what Better Health Challenge offers. Check out these meal plans and see if they can work with your lifestyle. Remember, you don’t always have to drink the shakes, the other meals are good options too. Choose a plan that you feel you can do and stick to for your future you! What is get about these you can do it individually or you can be part of a team. But, wait you may not be ready for that right now. Read on.

Test Drive The Meal Plan with a Shake Challenge!

To put your toe into one of these plans is to see if you like the shake, and yes you don’t have to do the shake all the time if you like the other meals that are plan that you chose. So pick a plan and a shake. Then have fun way getting started with the Shake Up Your Morning Challenge.

Contact me to purchase a shake by March 15th so you can get your shake in time for a 10 Day Shake Up Your Morning Challenge that starts on March 22nd. Then register at for the challenge on ShakeUpYourMorning.com On March 22nd, you will post a picture of you with your shake or just the shake and your experience on Facebook. Do a post a day for ten days with the tag #ShakeUpYourMorning. Everyday people who are registered and are posting have a chance to win prizes. On the last day, the person who post the best post will win iPad. Contact me at Debi@DebiChangesLives.com if you have questions. Get going on your new life with a new slim you!