Improve Your Health

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your Health?

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Improve Your HealthNew Year Resolutions

Yes, in a few days it will be New Year’s Eve, and it is the time for you to reflect on what you want to do differently in the New Year. People call these their New Year Resolutions.  Depending on your stage of life, people usually choose finding their soul mate, boost their career, finish school or improve their health.  These “resolutions” or “goals” I call objectives.

Improve Your Health

Improving your health is your prime objective.  Good health will not only make you more productive, but you will feel so much better, you will have more energy, you will enjoy your life and be more fulfilled. To improve your health, you first have to eat healthy. This article from is a great baseline, but our foods are not complete for multiple reasons.  Our soils don’t have the nutrients we need so vegetables and fruits we eat are not complete.  Youngevity’s Healthy Body Start Pak, has made a big difference in my and my son’s health and that is why I am sharing this nutritional supplement.  This page will explain why our soils are so incomplete and what 90 for Life will help you improve your health.

I always recommend that you fill out this Health Survey to see if you need more than Healthy Body Start Pak. Dr. Joel Wallach, one of the founders of Youngevity and Naturopathic Doctor, developed this survey to give you his recommendations.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your objective, the Keto 90 Lifestyle is an excellent way to do it.  I personally lost 50 pounds on a Ketogenic Diet. That was great, but I did not have energy. Once I started taking the Healthy Body Start Pak, my energy raised, my bone and joint issues subsided and I started to run. I lost an additional 20 pounds, and I have kept it off since November of 2013. My health has improving ever since. A blood test proved that my health progressed, because my blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels have improved when they did not have to.

I am productive and doing more now. I completed two half marathons and my second smashed 25 minutes from my previous time. Plus, I am sharing Youngevity with others and coaching them through their health journey.

Keto 90 Lifestyle

Youngevity has its own Ketogenic Diet called Keto 90 Lifestyle. It is a Ketogenic Diet that includes 90 for Life. It is also structured where you have certain percentages of Fats, Carbs and Protein called Macros.  I am offering a 12-Week Keto 90 Lifestyle Program, where I coach you through the process.  I will create custom meal plan for you based on foods you like, your current health and your health objective.  There will be weekly calls. I will monitor your progress, will give you guidance, and will get you through your plateaus or difficulties.   Once you lose your weight, you will find it easy to transition the maintenance stage of the Keto 90 Lifestyle.  To this day, I still eat in this style, but I have adjusted my Macros so I can run more and maintain my weight.

After You Reach Your Optimal Health

Once your reach your optimal health, your body will obviously change, but also your mental outlook. With this different outlook, your other objectives will fall into place, and you will enjoy your life.

Contact me with questions and guidance.