Open Mindset Helps to Envision Goals

Open Mindset Helps to Envision Goals

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Open Mindset Helps to Envision GoalsOpen Mindset Helps to Envision a Series of Possible Goals

I have been busy, and it dawned on me right now that I never blogged my Surf City Half Marathon results. This year, I had toenail injuries less than a month from the Half Marathon. I lost one at the beginning of January and less than two weeks before, I damaged another one. A week before the race, I got doctor’s clearance to run. I literally was on pin and needles on whether I could run or not.  My last month of training was messed up.

Considering what happened, I still shaved off almost 2 minutes of my time from last year of 2:19:15. I finished 2018 Surf City Half Marathon in 2:17:25. I placed 150 out of 5838 women who ran. Last year I placed 209. I was still in the twentieth percentile for women my age. I was in top 30% for all women and 38% for all Half Marathon runners. Last year I was 38% and 44% respectively, Is that fantastic! I been waiting for a better professional picture, but I gave up. Here is one my husband took.

You can accomplish a goal no matter what happens to you.  Don’t give up on it and get it done.  I left my mind open to whatever my outcome would be.  I gave myself three objectives before the race: to simply finish the race, to run it close to my original time frame, and to break my record.  Obviously, I broke my record.  I did not let my lost training get the better of me.  My open mindset helped me to envision a series of goals.

You can use thinking with improving your health.  Select something you know you reach.  Check it off.  Then push for the next level.  Accomplish it.  Finally, push for your last objective. You will surprise yourself like I did.😊❤🏃‍♀️