Reasons for Overeating

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In the Untied States 38% of our society is obese because they overeat. There are many reasons for overeating.

Not Consuming the Right Nutrients

One main reason people overeat is they are not consuming the right nutrients.  Our every day foods called are our macro nutrients, Carbs, Fats and Proteins.  When you eat the right combinations of high-quality dense nutrients, you will feel satisfied. You will eat less.

Lack of Energy

Since they are not eating these high-quality nutrients, it is also important to have high quality micro nutrients which are nutritional supplements.  Believe it or not our foods are not complete because our soils don’t have nutrients for our produce, fruits and vegetables to grow upon.  Over the last 70 years our produce only has 40% of the vitamin and minerals they used to have.  This is another reason people overeat, because people are low in energy and end up eating more.

Poor Eating Behavior

Finally, people simply eat too quickly.  I know when I was kid, my family used compete to see who ate their dinner the fastest.  This is a very bad idea.  Eating competitions builds a behavior of eating quickly.  You are not enjoying the food you are eating.  You really don’t even taste the food.  You will end up eating more because the competition rewards the brain with a foolish accomplishment.

Eating on the Run

Also people eat on the run. They go to fast food places like McDonald’s where the food not exactly food for you. They wolf it down. Do you know what you just ate. No! You will end up eating more. You have to be aware of what you eating and take time to eat.

Get Way to Slow Down Your Eating

Here is a different way to eat. If you are into games and challenges it can be fun too because you will make it into a game.  How many of you eat with chopsticks?  Some are pretty good at it because it is part of their culture.  But there are a lot people who are not good with chopsticks.  Eating with chopsticks or utensils you are not used to, will slow you down your eating.  It breaks that fast eating pattern. Think about it. It is really not easy to eat a slippery salad with chopsticks.  Now don’t stab that avocado! That is cheating.  Pick it up the chopsticks.  It will make you laugh when it slips through.  It will make you enjoy your food better.  You will realize how good the food tastes, and you will appreciate your food.  You will begin to slow down your eating behavior and not overeat. 

Also if you plan out your meals ahead of time, you are thinking about what you are eating next. Bring food with you or have an idea where you will have lunch. Enjoy the meal by taking your time and have a pleasant experience. Relax and get away from the turmoil of your work.

Bon Appetit – Eat Right – Be Healthy