Benefits of Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients Benefit You

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Phytonutrients Benefit YouHow Does Phytonutrients Benefit You?

Do you know what a “phytonutrient” is?  “Phyto” is a new Super Hero!  It is a plant base Super Hero. So a Phytonutrient is a plant-based nutrient. People don’t realize how important phytonutrients really are.  We don’t get enough of high-dense phytonutrients in their diets. The reason why is that it so hard to eat tons of fruits and vegetables.  That is why I love products that are dense in phytonutrients like Super Greens and CardioBeets are both great tasting phytonutrient products.

Now, I am not a “Greens” person.  Some “Greens” products taste like you are eating grass.  I was pleasantly surprised with Youngevity’s Super Greens.  It tastes fantastic with a hint of spearmint. You simply add water, and you have a complete high dense phytonturient drink.  It cannot get any simpler than that.Phytonutrient Products

My favorite by far is CardoBeets. It is a great tasting beet product with a whole lot of other phytonturients that is blended to improve your cardiovascular system. It is designed to improve your endurance. I couldn’t believe how it improved my endurance.  If you read any of my blog, you know that I am budding runner.  I am getting ready to do my 3rd Half Marathon this Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday.  I noticed I sped up and cut off 1-2 minutes off my pace for my 6-mile and 7-mile run times.
Whether you are an athlete or not, improving your cardiovascular system is not only good for your heart, but all of your body systems.  You will glow with good health.  Remember your phytonutrients!  They are your Super Power Hero.  They rule!  You can find SuperGreens and CardioBeets on my website.  You are welcome to ask me questions.