Podcast Alert: Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show On October 16 at 11 am

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Please join us on Wednesday, October 19th at 11 AM PST on the ”Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show”, hosted by Johnathan Colbert, Dr. Nathan Rabb Jr., and Dr. Brookh Lyons. The radio show takes place LIVE at 11 AM PST/ 12 PM MT / 1 PM CT / 2 PM EST. – Listen to the show here: www.createyourholisticlifestyle.com – FB: https://www.facebook.com/holisticlifestyleshow – Lifestyle Store: https://createyourholisticlifestyle.com/lifestyle-products/

I, Debi Voris, a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, will share my story about my transformation. How I released 70 lbs. and kept it off for over 8 years. I also became a half marathon runner when I could not run my entire life. When I got blood work up, it drove me to become a Certified Wholistic Health coach who helps people who are stressed, have hormone problems, and want to release weight.

I even had a team become Semi-Finalists for the Better Health Challenge.

For the listeners, I have an offer.

Find it at bit.ly/Debi-Offer You can reach her at Debi@DebiChangesLives.com.