Reviewing Your Progress is Important

Reviewing Your Goals and Habits Often Ensures Progress

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Review Your Goals and Habits Often
Review Your Goals & Habits Often

Reviewing Your Goals and Habits Often Ensures Progress

Reviewing your goals and habits often ensures progress. With goals you need to break them down into series of steps.  These steps can be your habits.  You need to review the habits to see if they are working.  You should review them daily, weekly and monthly.  See how these habits are helping you reach your goals and what you want to achieve. 

Ask Yourself Questions

  • Am I consistent with this habit?
  • Is the habit too easy?
  • Is the habit too hard?
  • Do I see progress?

Review Your Answers

For the “No”

If you say no one of these, you need to reevaluate the habit and modify it.  If it is something you cannot be consistent with, figure out if it is the time of day, or the location. Do you like the environment? It should be conducive so you can accomplish the habit.  It is important to consult a significant other, an accountability partner, or a coach like me to give you a different perspective.

For the “Yes”

If you are successful, you can continue with it.  If it is too easy, you add a 1% shift so you can achieve your goal sooner. For instance, I have been working on my running. If I completed 5 miles at a certain time, I can either make my run faster or a little bit longer. I always decide how I feel the next day of what I want to do.

For the “Hard” Habits

If the habit is too hard, figure out why it is hard.  Again, it could be the environment or time of day.  There could be other reasons. Is there an emotion tied to you keeping you from the habit?  Are you procrastinating?  Dive deep to figure out what it may be. Again, consulting with a coach or someone else can give you an insight and is very helpful.  Don’t be too proud.

For the “Habits that Don’t Work”

Sometimes habits simply don’t work.  Stop them and create a different habit down a “different avenue” to get to the goal you want to accomplish. Insight from others is helpful. If you can figure that out, you could work on different goals with different habits.  Keep the momentum going.

Don’t See Progress

Of course, if you don’t see progress, you need to reevaluate the goal. First, have you given the habit enough time? If yes, look at a different way to obtain it. When releasing weight, you may want to look at the foods you are eating. During my weight loss, I logged my foods. When I was at a plateau, I noticed certain foods caused it. I removed them.

Also you may need to break your goal down more. See if there is a hole. Maybe adding more water will help you flush out your excess weight. Pick a habit you like to do. Get it accomplished.

You Learn By Reviewing

In order to grow, you must always learn.  The only way to learn is to review and see if something different works.  When you truly desire outcome, you will get there.  You do need to be patient with yourself too.

Remember, you are always welcome to set up a free consultation and utilize my coaching services.  Your mind often sidetracks you and I guide will you through it.