Solidify Your Motivation

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Are you complacent with who your are in health? I believe people get lost in time and themselves because of their busy lifestyles. I was like that too in 2012.  When you look at my story on Ketogenic Lifestyle, that picture  of me where I was so heavy has my motivation to make a change.  I was crying when I saw that picture.

Once I ventured down my health journey, I opened up a whole new world of health. Not only a physical health but also a mental one too.

Self improvement is important for everyone one. I noticed that each time I reached a certain goal, I strove for my next level. Each level motivated me forward.   You can to do that too.  

In order to change you have to believe in Tony Robbins’ Core Beliefs.

1, “Something must change.” This will give a sense of urgency.
2. “I must change.” You are the only one who can set your mind to make the change a priority.
3. “I can change.” You ignite your mind to obtain your desire.

This will solidify your motivation.  Once your motivation is set you will obtain your goal.  Your first achievement will be your first anchor.  It becomes contagious,  and you will always strive for betterment.  Then you will feel younger again physically and mentally.  

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