Spring is a great time revive your bikini body

Spring into Action to Revive Your Summer Body

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Spring is a great time to work on your bikini body

Spring into Action to Revive Your Summer Body

After a long winter of hibernation and indulgence, it’s common for many of us to feel like our bodies need a refresh. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to revive your “Summer Body” in time for summer vacation! Lucky for you, I’m here to help with my Better Health Movement Teams.

Three Different Meal Plans

I offer three meal plans to choose from, including my personal favorites, Keto 90 and Wellness 90. These plans are designed to help you achieve your health goals and feel your best. In addition, I wrote a blog post called “Be A New You” in January that gives you ideas of the products you need to make healthy choices. You can also incorporate foods from your local market. There are sample meal plans and recipes.

Overwhelmed? Set up a Free Consultation

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure where to start, don’t worry! We can simplify things by scheduling a free private consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss the foods you like and what you want to accomplish. I will have you do a Health Evaluation to see the status of your current health.  Then I can give you recommendations to make your weight release more successful.  This is helpful to determine which plan is best suited for you.

Team Coaching Experience

Joining a team can also make the process fun and enjoyable. You can gather a group of friends to join you for friendly competition, and teams provide camaraderie. You have a chance to learn from others’ problems and questions too. As a veteran who has kept her weight off for over 9 years, I’ve helped myself and others achieve their goals. I have many tips and tricks to guide your during your journey.  I even led a team to the 2021 finals, and with my coaching, you and your team can become semi-finalists or even grand champions earning products, money and prizes.

Do It On Your Own or Have Private Coaching

If you prefer to go it alone, I can still provide guidance, answer your questions, and offer helpful tips to keep you on track.

For those looking for more individual attention, I offer a Private 12-week Weight Release program called “Take Your Body Back.” This program provides you with custom meal plans, more personalized support, and guidance as you work towards your health goals.

Reach Out to Me for Guidance

I’m available to answer any questions you may have about these weight release coaching options. Email me or set up a free private consultation to meet me.