How to Stay Active During Your 9 to 5 Work Day

debivorisExercise, Health, Improving Yourself, Mindset

In our cubicle society, we tend to sit a lot at our desks.  A lot of people don’t even take breaks from their work.  They may be lucky to take a lunch.  Breaks and getting out of your chair is so important not only for your health, but also your mindset.

I remember when I worked in a cubicle, I would long to look out a window.  I would get up to get a drink a water.  I would gather things to get up to deliver them to other people.  Anything, except sitting at my desk.  Now it is great that we have sport watches that buzz you to get up to stretch or walk around. They are great for those who stayed glued to their computer screens.  A good rule of thumb about getting up is to do it at least every hour.  The simple act of standing up and stretching a little.  If you have an urge to get water or coffee do so.  Taking those extra steps will be beneficial in the long run.

If you don’t take breaks, break that habit.  A good 15-minute break where you walk around the office.  Even try to walk outside will do you a world of good.  Taking these breaks will help you clear your mind, when you are stumped on a project. You never know what great idea will pop in your mind when you stretch step out.

Take that hour lunch-hour.  For the first 20-30 minutes stretch your legs at least walk outside.  Being outside is so refreshing to being in an air condition building.  Walk to your favorite restaurant that is at least 20 minutes away.  Grab a quick bite to eat and walk back.  There were times, that I worked near a gym.  I would do a quick workout and eat my lunch afterwards.  A quick workout could be going up and downstairs.  I would prefer stairs outside, but I have friends who go up and down office building stairs for exercise.  You can even bring a Yoga mat to work, and do some simple Yoga stretches or Pilates stretches at a nearby park and have a bite to eat.  Not only will you feel physically better after these activities, but your mind will be clearer, and you will perform better at work.

If you don’t like to have lunch alone, grab a buddy and play racquet ball.  Challenge him to a run.  Just make sure you have time to get something to eat at your desk and of course clean up a little so your office mates appreciate you.

Don’t sit at your desks for hours.  You will find yourself more productive when you are more active.