Self-Love is Self-Care and being aware what is happening with your body

Today, Take Time for Self-Love

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Now is the Time for Self-Love

Now is the Time for Self-Love

Today and always, take time for self-love.  Self-love is taking care of yourself. People must love themselves to take care of their health.  It is common when it comes to health that there are several things that goes on in people’s heads.  One is not being really aware of what their health is before a doctor gives them a ”label” and tells them they must do something about it.  Being aware of family health issues makes them feel that they are predisposed to these problems.  Then they don’t pay attention to their health because there is always something else, they have to do.  They put their health on the “side-burner,” and let time fly by. 

To Love Yourself Take Care of Yourself

You have to love yourself to take care of yourself.  Like they say on an airplane, “put on your mask on first and then help your child.”  Pay attention to yourself, take care yourself so you can be supportive for your family.

Be Proactive and Do Something Today

“Carpe Diem” everyone!  – Carpe Diem translates to “Snatch the day.”  There is no day better day than doing it today.  Don’t struggle with your health.  It puts stress on your body and your mental health too.  Don’t let a “label” or family history get you down. Don’t you want to be healthier to enjoy life and be more productive?  I know that I do! I always find a solution.

What Happened To Me

I had eye-opening experience when I was 49 years old.  Yes, I was not paying attention to my own health.  Like many women, I was too busy taking care of a mother who was declining of Alzheimer’s, and I had a young infant.  Part of my story is that I “lost myself in weight” and I truly did. When I saw a family photo meant for a holiday greeting card, I cried my eyes out.  My husband saw my tears and gave me a “gift of health” of a weight loss program for Christmas.  I committed to it and released a total of 70 lbs.  I have kept it off for over 9 years, and I will never go back.

My health issues were not limited to being overweight. I had foot pain that subsided too. Starting my own self-love journey helped me to do something about it.  Now, I am passionate to give back by revitalizing other people’s health.

Your Body is Telling You Something

I am writing this article, because as I stated at the beginning, I feel people need to truly love themselves. A lot of people are not aware of their own health until it really is too late.  This late notice is when the doctor says you must do something now.  Your body is giving you signals every day. Yes, it is.  Personally, I had to buy bigger clothes.  Well, da!  You may feel slower, stiffer or out of breath.  Those are signals!  You must pay attention to these messages.

Being in tune with my body is paying attention to these signals that my body is sending.  I can tell a medical or other health professionals exactly what is going to resolve my issues quickly.  Health professionals have said I am in tune with my health.

Age is Only a “Number”

There are some common misconceptions out there.  “Oh, I am getting old.”  Yes, as we age, our bodies do have what I call a “natural stress” and decline, but really “age is only a number.”  You can feel great at any age.  It is a physical and mental perspective. There are things you can do to improve your health.  A new lifestyle of diet, supplementation and exercise has changed my life.  I personally never thought I could run half-marathons at the age of 51, but I was feeling so much better with my health transformation, it made it possible later in my life.  Really, it is a matter of how you feel and how well you take care of yourself.  In other words, pay attention to what your body is telling you and do something about it.

Don’t Settle for Familial DNA

Also don’t let familial DNA you get stuck. People are resigned that my mom or dad had this problem, and I am not surprised if I have it.  You may have some DNA similarities, but you won’t necessarily have the same health issues of your parents. I personally don’t.  DNA genes will express themselves with same social stressors and environmental exposures such as what you are eating and your lifestyle. 

Have Your Heard of Epigenetics?

Have you ever heard of “Epigenetics?” As stated in Youngevity’s Blog, “Epigenetics – Influencing Our Genes Through Health And Wellness”:  “Epigenetics is the study of how our genes can be influenced by environmental factors, such as diet, exercise, stress, and exposure to toxins.”  They also state: “This means that while we may be predisposed to some health concerns or conditions given our genetic makeup, we absolutely can take steps to modify the expression of our genes through important lifestyle choices.”  To back up their post, Youngevity sites a National Graphic article, “Live Longer by Living Younger” by Dr. Michael F. Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic who states, “You have the ability to change how your body works and reacts – and ultimately how healthy you are and how long you may live. You should build a strong foundation now.” 

Don’t Let Family History “Label” Be Your Label

It is important to know your family’s history.  Just don’t let a family health issue “label you.”  If you put in your mind that you have “blank,” you are putting intention out there that you will get this health issue.  Here is something to consider. What your family consumed whether it was social stressors, activities they did or foods they ate, it may be why you are living an unhealthy lifestyle now.  It was the lifestyle you grew up with. What your parents were living was an unhealthy lifestyle. It was the reasons for their poor health. Have some self-love. Don’t do what your parents did!

Unhealthy Lifestyle is Not Loving Yourself

Living this unhealthy lifestyle is “not loving yourself.”  Be aware of what you are doing.  At those moments you eat something unhealthy ask yourself, “Don’t I want to love myself? Is what I am eating and doing serving me?  Hopefully you are answering yes to first question.  If you are not, seek medical or alternative health advice immediately.  If your answer for the second question is, “no.’”  Then do something that will benefit you by seeking health guidance.

Paying Attention to Yourself Is Loving Yourself

By being aware to your physical and mental health, you are loving yourself.  Doing something for your health. it gets better. You will love how you are feeling. You will have more energy to do things, will be more productive and happier.  Your family members will notice and love the changes you are making. They will love that you did something for yourself. This love will uplift your mood. You become grateful for starting your journey to your new healthy life.

Why is Wholistic Self-Love Important?

I have a great episode from my Radio & TV Show – Debi Changes Lives on Wholistic Self-Love called “Debi’s Deep Dive – Embracing ‘Caring for the Whole You’ in a Journey of Wholistic Self-Love” Watch it, like it and subscribe to my channel. I know you will enjoy it.

If you need assistance contact me for guidance to help you start your new health journey, you are welcome to set up a complimentary private consultation.