Learn more about the significant effects of Omega-3 on health.

What’s Omega 3’s Impact?

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What is Omega 3’s Powerful Impact?

Many people are unaware of Omega 3’s powerful impact. Omega 3 is an Essential Fatty Acid crucial for our bodies, as they cannot produce it and sufficient quantities cannot be obtained through diet alone. EFAs play a vital role in the health of our hard and soft tissue organs. Since our bodies cannot produce enough Omega 3 nor consume sufficient amounts through diet alone, supplementing with high-quality Omega 3 becomes highly beneficial for overall health.

Every cell in your body utilizes Omega 3. According to Flore.com, they are needed for the “structure of every cell in your body” and “should be a staple in your diet.”

Highlighting Omega 3’s Powerful Impact:


Omega 3 is so beneficial for the brain. ScienceDaily.com indicates that “Omega 3’s DHA and EPA are known to have anti-inflammatory effects and protect against various neurological and metabolic diseases.”  Also, we need omega 3 to build brain cell membranes according to Harvard – T.H. Chang website.


Mood may be affected by Omega 3’s as well.  Examine.com suggests that fish oil “appears to notably improve mood” and “effects of fish oil are due to reducing neuroinflammation.”  As they state omega-3 “can easily travel to the brain cell membrane” and “interact with the mood-related molecules” in the brain. Furthermore, HarvardHealth.edu noticed that mood disorders are less common where people eat large amounts of fish.  These people are getting their Omega 3 from “fish and certain marine algae.”  They feel that “Two omega-3 fatty acids — eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — are thought to have the most potential to benefit people with mood disorders.”

Cardiovascular System

As for the cardiovascular system, Examine.com, indicates that studies have shown that fish oil reduces triglyceride that is beneficial for the heart health.  As well, Flore.com states that Omega 3 “Reduces LDL and blood pressure” that can decrease your risk of heart disease.


Finally, some studies have found that Omega 3 impacts gut health and immunity.  Flore.com states that “omega 3 boosts the creation of short-chain fatty acids, which work to decrease inflammation and help your immune system function effectively.”  They cited, Nature Science Journal’s finding of “omega-3 fatty acids increase the diversity of healthy gut bacteria” that helps gut health and immune system.

Remember your gut houses your immunity and helps create serotonin for your brain.  Plus, your brain and gut influence each other as well.  They communicate to each other along the vagus nerve.

Educate Yourself

Now, all these benefits are a minor reflection of the powerful impact that Omega 3 has on your health.  Read through the articles that I cited and learn more. You can even read more on articles on Pubmed.gov by searching on these topics. The articles there a pretty involved.

Experience Omega 3’s Powerful Impacts for Yourself

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Omega 3, 6 and 9

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Omega 3

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