Why Is the Food Pyramid Making Us Fat

Why is the Food Pyramid is Making Us Fat

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The Food Pyramid Is Making Us Fat

You Need to Look at Food in a Different Way

Why is the Food Pyramid is Making Us Fat?

It is great when someone puts out a video on what I have been sharing with people for a while.  The Food Pyramid is wrong.  Not only that, this video gives proof that the Food Pyramid is making us fat.  But, the 1992 Food Pyramid that is  based on Low Fats Diets is actually making us unhealthy.  Obesity and diabetes are on the rise.

In 1988 reducing fat was number 1 priority for the USDA.  That is the reason, the top of the pyramid was fats. They told us to use fats sparingly.  Carbs is the biggest portion of the pyramid.  This started the Carb vs. Fat war.  Soon it was found that obesity was rising, and the USDA was wrong.

Why they do it?  The USDA over-simplified the plan.  Not all Fats are created equal.  Some fats are good.  Too little healthy fats can lead to obesity and heart disease.  Plus, you need healthy fats for brain health.  The definition of healthy fats is another area where people are confused.  Avocado and nuts are healthy fats, so is organic grass-fed cow’s butter, heavy cream, cheeses, and animal fat such as nitrate free bacon, fats from salmon and other animal proteins.

Plus, the pyramid gives an impression that eating a diet with lots of carbs is good, without distinguishing good carbs from bad.  Best carbs are complex carbs from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and oats.  Simple carbs such as bread is bad.  As the video states, it quickly turns into “waist expanding” sugar due to glycation.  The USDA wanted to keep the guidelines simple and left out the part of that simple carbs were bad.

In the process of support the “Low Fat Diets,” taking out the fat cost us our health.  Low fat products took out the fats and taste.  Manufacturers replace fats with more carbs and sugar.  Today, we eat 80 lbs. of more carbs and 20 lbs. of more sweeteners a day than in 1970s.  Plus, we consume 400 more than calories a day. Finally, in 2015 USDA and the American Heart Association moved away from low fat diets because they were not concerned about cholesterol and these diets were making people obese. 

Over simplification is wrong.  It is confusing people who made it their lifestyle to eat a low fat diet.  Also, the 1992 Food Pyramid is embedded in to people’s minds.  I now teaching people that healthy fats are good for you.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate healthy fats back into your diet.  Not only will you lower blood sugar levels, heart conditions may improve and you will lose weight.  You will also preserve your brain health.

The Keto 90 Lifestyle is a great way to venture down this road of health.  When you consume your macro nutrients (foods that you eat) with 70% fats, 25% protein and 5%, you will lose weight.  Plus, incorporating high quality nutritional supplement like Healthy Body Start Pak, you will fill in the gaps that our foods leave open, and improve your health.  Once you are maintenance you can adjust the percentages based on your activity. 

I know for me, I never had blood sugar or cholesterol problems, but a nurse was surprise with blood results.  She asked me, “What are you doing?”  I told her that I was on maintenance with a Ketogenic Lifestyle and taking new supplements, the Healthy Body Start Pak.  She said whatever I was doing, to keep doing it because my blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels dropped dramatically.  Overtime, I lost my cravings for simple carbs like breads, and I incorporated more healthy fats.

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I always recommend that you fill out the Health Survey on my site to see what the best holistic nutritional supplements you may need.  Don’t forget to watch the video on FreeThink Food Pyramid.